Grand Martingale Strategy

The Grand Martingale roulette strategy is a progression-style betting system that is used all over the world. Although it can be used in nearly any casino game including slots online, it is very common in the game of roulette.

How the Martingale System Works

The main idea of the Grand Martingale roulette strategy is that players should double losing bets until they eventually win. In order to do this, players must first establish a base betting unit. If a player chooses a base unit of $1.00, this bet would be doubled after each consecutive loss, but the player would revert to the base bet after a win. The idea behind this is that each win will make the player enough money to cover all of the losses up to that point. For instance, if a bet of $1.00 loses, the player bets $2.00. If that bet loses, he bets $4.00. The next bet will be $8.00. Now, if the player wins the $8.00 bet, he has covered his losses and possibly even come out ahead.

Pros and Cons of the Martingale System

There is no doubt that the Grand Martingale roulette strategy gives the house an advantage even though the odds of losing at roulette six times in a row are very slim--one in 59 rolls. However, as a short-term betting strategy, the Martingale helps players better manage their bankroll and win some very modest amounts. Players who take decide to use the Martingale system should be very aware of table limits. A table with $10.00 minimum and $500.00 maximum bets does not leave much room for progression.

Favored by roulette players all over the world, the Grand Martingale roulette strategy can never guarantee a player a big win. It is merely a very simple way to place bets and better manage the bankroll. Try this strategy by using it roulette game.