Maria Casino Offers Bingo and Much More

If you love bingo, then Maria Casino is a great place for you. Aside from just bingo, it offers more games like slots, keno, video poker and a few table games, as well. With support for multiple languages and payment options, people all over the world can enjoy everything that Maria has to offer.

Getting Started and Welcome Bonuses

Getting started with this casino is extremely simple. You will not have to download any software in order to enjoy your favorite games, and since you can play bingo for as little as one pence, the casino requires a minimum deposit of only £4. Simply navigate to the casino's website, make a deposit, and get started right away. The casino offers a 100% match bonus of up to £100 to new players, and although neither the bonus nor any winnings earned with it can be withdrawn from your account, this extra money gives you an opportunity to enjoy everything that the casino has to offer at a reduced out-of-pocket cost.

Software and Graphics

The software that powers the casino is simple in nature and extremely easy to navigate. If your computer or device lags or otherwise has difficulty running casinos that utilize flashy graphics, you will find that the software at Maria is much different. Although it is not as flashy as some, it can be run on even the simplest of systems without any lags, glitches or bugs. Since nothing has to be downloaded, the games will not take up any space on your website. The casino relies solely on in-browser gameplay.

Chat Rooms

The chat rooms that are available at the casino are by far one of the best features; the moderators speak various languages so that no translation is necessary. Aside from the primary games offered by the casino, more games that are related to bingo are available in the chat rooms themselves. Birthday and Ladder are very popular and easy to learn, and the chat room moderators make them even more fun. For example, in Ladder, players select three consecutive numbers before the round of bingo starts. If all of these numbers are called during the game, then the player will need to type the word Ladder surrounded by asterisks in order to win a prize. Birthday is another exciting game; if the numbers corresponding to the player's date of birth are called during the game, then the player simply enters the word Birthday surrounded by asterisks in order to win a prize.

Unique Auto-Play Feature

Finally, players can take advantage of the unique auto-play feature that Maria makes available to its bingo players. If you want to buy cards but you do not have time to complete the entire game, you can simply select the 'Auto-Play' feature. The game will progress without your participation, and you can simply check back later to find out whether or not you won the game. That's all there is to it!

Bingo players, slots aficionados and even players who enjoy keno or video poker will find themselves right at home at Maria Casino. Despite the simple graphics, this casino has quickly become one of the most well-known bingo providers in the industry.